Early Pick-Up

Fri, 09/02/2016 - 5:25pm


We know that there will be times when parents will need to pick-up their children before the end of the school day for appointments.  Please follow these guidelines to help ensure that you will arrive at your appointment on time:

  • Remember to build in extra travel time to account for waiting for your child in the front office.  Our front office is very busy and the secretaries may be helping several parents at once.  This is especially needed for the first six weeks of school, as one of our secretaries will be out.

  • We cannot call children out of class until you arrive at NES.  It may take several minutes for your child to pack up and walk to the front office.

  • You must come into the front office to sign your child out of the building.

  • We begin preparing for our regular dismissal at 3:00 PM. We kindly request that all early dismissals occur prior to 2:55 PM.