Need to Report an Absence? Need the Student Handbook?

Fri, 10/09/2020 - 11:24am

Virtual Attendance Procedures

NES has an email address dedicated to reporting your student’s absences. If your child will miss class for any reason, please use to inform us. This mailbox will be monitored by front office staff so please include the following information:
    1.    Your child’s first and last name

    2.    Grade

    3.    Homeroom teacher

    4.    The date(s) your child is absent

    5.    The reason for the absence (if it is an illness, please list the symptoms so we can inform the health room)
.  You can also attach a doctor's note if needed. 
    6.    The time your child logs in/logs out for late arrival/early dismissal

If you are taking days off other than for illness please you may use this form: Extended Absence/Discretionary Absence Form  Send this form to


Link to the student handbook:

The Student & Parent Handbook will no longer be printed and instead will be available online.  You can find translations in Chinese, Korean, and Spanish through this link.  The handbook outlines districtwide practices and policies related to students and parents. It additionally features sub-topics that describe various services, procedures, and protocols implemented in our schools.