NES Welcomes a Buddy Bench!

Mon, 04/24/2017 - 3:53pm

NES Welcomes a Buddy Bench- April 24, 2017

During ​"​Start With Hello Week​" in February we ​announce​d ​that NES w​ould ​​be ​install​ing ​a "Buddy Bench" on the playground this Spring​ - and it's here!​
​The simple concept behind a Buddy Bench has been adopted by educators around the world. Basically, when a student feels lonely, they know they can go over and sit on the Buddy Bench. Friends and classmates will know that when someone sits on the Buddy Bench, they are looking for a friend to play with during recess. 
​ The NES Administration, Staff, and NES PTA have partnered to ensure the success of the Buddy Bench. NES Guidance Counselor, Christi Bello, has taken the lead ​and​ has started to​ teach students about the Buddy Bench ​over the past several weeks. She will engage ​NES students to​ participate in its use ​moving forward as well, including appointing Buddy Bench Ambassadors at recess - all of which is integrated as part of Guidance and Start With Hello activities​ at NES​.
NES Start With Hello efforts are focused on the growing epidemic of social isolation in our schools and communities, and empowering kids to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within our school. We are excited to add this new Buddy Bench as part of our overall efforts​ - check it out on the playground!​
Many thanks to our NES PTA, Administration, Start With Hello Committee and Staff for making this dream a reality!