Non-Transported Boundary Changes for Northfield

Tue, 05/26/2020 - 7:27pm

The Pupil Transportation Office would like to inform you of a non-transported boundary change that will be made to Northfield Elementary School for the 2020/21 school year. 

As outlined in Board of Education Policy 5200, Pupil Transportation:

1. Transportation services will be provided to students when the distance between their home and the home school is greater than the following:

  • Full-day Kindergarten through Grade 8: 1.0 mile

2. The bona fide residence of the parent/guardian will be used to determine eligibility for transportation services.  Distances will be calculated as follows:
  • Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Elementary and combined K-8 School students:
    • Detached homes and townhouses – Measurements will be from the residence property line to the door(s) identified as the entrance to the school.

    • Apartment complexes and condominiums – Measurement will be from the entrance to the building to the door(s) identified as the entrance to the school.

In preparation for this change, our office consulted with the Howard County Traffic Engineering Office to review the walking route as a result of improvements made to Columbia Rd.  A traffic circle and crosswalks were installed on Columbia Rd and Kingscup Ct.  In addition crosswalks were reviewed at Columbia Rd and Gray Rock Dr, and Columbia Rd and Dorsey Search Loop.  All three areas have been approved for students to cross.
The following streets will now be included in the non-transportation zone.
  • Broken Lute Way – all addresses

  • Columbia Rd – only 4649-4747

  • Hallowed Stream – only
    • 4621-4627 (odd #’s)
    • 4720-4766 (even #’s)

    • 4741-4765 (odd #’s)

  • Kingscup Ct – all addresses

  • Maydew Mews Way – all addresses

  • Oakview Ct – all addresses

  • Old Dragon Path – all addresses

  • Rams Horn Row – only 4729-4737 (odd #’s)

  • Smoky Wreath Way – only
    • 4601-4645 (odd #’s)

    • 4600-4668 (even #’s)

  • • Willow Grove Rd
    • 4601-4613 (odd #’s)

    • 4600-4608 (even #’s)

A new map depicting this change will be reflected on the HCPSS school information website and the school and bus locator application will be updated.