Change Matters Campaign--March 11th-15th

Sat, 03/09/2019 - 12:33pm

Change Matters Campaign Kicks Off on Monday, March 11th

On March 8th, Kim Steffens, an authorized representative of the Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, presented the Change Matters campaign to students in all grade levels. The presentations took place in the Multipurpose Room and lasted about 20 minutes each. Students learned about the impact of homelessness on students and families living right here in Howard County, as well as about the services offered by Grassroots to support children, adults, and families in need.


Change Matters is an approved Howard County Public School System program that teaches children about homelessness in Howard County, the services Grassroots provides, and philanthropy.


Grassroots is Howard County’s only 24-hour homeless shelter and crisis intervention center. Your child(ren) were asked to share information learned with you about Change Matters and ask permission to donate small change/coins. There will be a Change Matters collection jar located in each grade level.


If you are able to donate, please send the change in your child’s lunch bag or backpack during the campaign from March 11th through March 15th.  


Students took the letter attached below home last week with more information about the campaign and the services Grassroots offers. 


Change Matters Family Letter