Start with Hello Week: Feb. 12-15, 2018

Sat, 01/20/2018 - 12:15am

Start with Hello at Northfield


Start with Hello is a research-based program of Sandy Hook Promise to help protect children from violence in our homes, schools, and communities.  In its third year, the Northfield Elementary School (NES) Start with Hello (SWH) program is focused on reducing the growing epidemic of social isolation in our schools and communities, and empowering kids to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within our school. 

Northfield’s Start with Hello efforts include monthly lunches, student ambassadors, a SWH week celebration, Buddy Bench ambassadors, and other opportunities to engage students, teachers and parents in activities designed to encourage children to feel more included, empathetic, and compassionate. The Start with Hello committee is comprised of parent volunteers, administrators, and staff with great support from our Northfield PTA.   


Start with Hello Week: February 12-15,​ 2018​

​We are excited to announce that Northfield will be celebrating Start with Hello week from February 12-15,​ 2018.  During this week, we will be placing extra emphasis on the Start with Hello mission of empowering students to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness in our school. 

This year, our theme will be “Start your day with Hello”.  We all know how important it is to start our day off on the right foot.  Positive interactions on the way to and at school increase the likelihood that a child will have a successful day where he or she feels a strong sense of connectedness, belonging, and engagement. Staff greet students at the door each morning and teachers greet students upon entering the classroom, but let’s ensure this simple practice starts even earlier—on the bus, on the bike path, and on the walking routes to NES! Throughout the week, we will be more intentional to model and highlight these positive interactions.


What’s happening during Start with Hello week?


  • Student-led morning announcements
  • Optional at home reflection: Why I choose to start the day with hello.
  • Parents, be on the lookout for a green flyer with tips to discuss tolerance and inclusion with your child at home.


  • Start your day with Hello Day!
  • Student-led morning announcements
  • Be on the lookout for VIP greeters on buses, bike paths, and walking routes leading to Northfield!


  • Student-led morning announcements
  • We Belong Wednesday—Students are encouraged to dress in rainbow colors to represent the differences among us that fit together to create a vibrant rainbow.


  • Monthly Start with Hello lunch with conversation starters.  Parents are invited to come into school to join the conversation! Students are encouraged to wear green, the color of Start with Hello. 


  • Schools closed for students.