School Banking at Northfield

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 11:41am

We are very excited about our in-school banking partnership with First National Bank.  Through this partnership, students will learn more about financial literacy and the importance of saving money.  All students will have the opportunity to make monthly deposits right at Northfield.  No amount of money is too small.  Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to be NES Bank Tellers and will help students to make their deposits.  Mrs. Cosentino and First National Bank representatives will also be present to assist students through the process.  Please email Mrs. Cosentino at if you have questions. 


School banking will take place at 8:25 AM in the front lobby on the following days:











If you would like your child to participate in our in-school banking program, you have a few options for opening up a student account.  You can open up an account at the First National Bank in Ellicott City or Columbia during their normal business hours.  If you would like to set-up an account at school, banking representatives will be available to assist you during any of our banking days at 8:25 AM at Northfield. Students must have a parent with them in order to open up an account. If you would like to open an account at school on one of our banking days, but would like to expedite the process, you can fill out the application in advance by clicking here. Directions for completing the application are below.  If a student already has an account, a parent does not need to be present for the student to make a deposit at school.  We will have banking representatives and staff members available to help them make the deposit.  Please let them know that you are interested in opening up a student account for the Northfield Elementary In-School Banking program.  These are real bank accounts and do not have a minimum balance.  


Directions for Completing Banking Application:

When it comes to filling out the application, the top section is for the parent(s) information, the second portion of the application is for the student(s). All we need to collect on the second half is the students name, D/O/B and SSN.  
-     If the parents want to open multiple accounts for their kids (i.e. two kids in different grades) they can just add the information needed (students name D/O/B and SSN) on another application. They do not need to put their information again on the 2nd application
The parents have two options with the application. They can select it by using the check box for either a debit card or savings.
-     They can open a custodial checking account; it will come with a debit card and online banking under the parent’s name. However, they have to enroll in electronic statements in order to avoid a $3.95 paper statement fee.  
-    They can open a custodial savings account, no debit card and no paper statement fee.
Both accounts have no minimum balance or direct deposit requirements of any sorts.
If the parents open a checking account in the month of September, they are also eligible for a special rate of 1.75 APY on a 13-month CD. (also available in check box at top)