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Judy Kahn - Team Leader
Julia Allan
Antonella Colella
Anne Sacks
Venita Whitfield
Betsy DiBattista,       Para Educator
Donna Cebro,    Para Educator
Jane Derro              .5 Para Educator

A Kindergarten Overview:  Our Units of Study

Language Arts
Print Concepts
Phonological Awareness
Phonics and Word Recognition
Comprehension of Literature and Information Text
Respond to Text in Writing
Comprehension And Collaboration When Listening
Present Knowledge and Ideas Through Speaking
Conventions of Standard English When Speaking and Listening
Acquire and Use Vocabulary

Standards for Mathematical Practice
Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content
* Counting and Cardinality
* Operations and Algebraic Thinking
* Measurement and Data
* Geometry

Earth Science: Weather
Physical Science: Water
Life Science: Living Things and Plants
Environmental Science
Science and Engineering Practices

Social Studies
Home and School
Maps and Me
Road Trip USA
The Market

Disease Prevention and Control
Nutrition and Fitness
Safety, First Aid and Injury Prevention
Social and Emotional Health

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